• Manage and liaise with the executive committee

  • Oversee all planning for the show

  • Provide assistance to executive committee where required

  • Manage food and bar for show day

  • Chair meetings

  • Public spokesperson  

  • Shadow the president

  • Bio-security officer

  • Provide assistance to executive committee where required.

  • Manage memberships​

  • Manage the show society’s bank account

    • Keep track of all ingoing and outgoing transactions

  • Manage the cheque book

  • Pay bills and fees

  • Send invoices

  • Prepare reports for meetings

  • Prepare financials for auditor

  • Organise and collect floats for events

  • Prepare and allocate prize money

Secretary - NEW ROLES
Entertainment Planner
  • Organise entertainment for show day and night

  • Work within a set budget

  • Liaise with performers to meet their requirements – eg. Accommodation, meals etc.

  • Work with grants & project manager to apply for funding to cover costs

Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator
  • Create sponsorship packages

  • Send out sponsorship packages to local and regional businesses

  • Make phone calls to potential sponsors

  • Liaise with Schedule Coordinator to engage advertising and sponsorship for schedule.

  • Organise fundraising events

Grants & Project Manager
  • Identify areas of improvement on the showgrounds

  • Create and manage improvement programs

  • Locate and apply for grants to fund improvement programs

  • Manage improvement programs

Trade Site Coordinator
  • Organise Trade Site forms and packages

  • Send out Trade Site forms and packages to potential trade site holders

  • Liaise with trade site holders on location and requirements

  • Create and manage trade site map for show day

  • Manage trade sites on show day

Sections Director
  • Liaise with Heads of Section about changes, improvements and requirements

  • Organise each section’s changes for the schedule and liaise with the Schedule Coordinator

  • Organise and maintain each section’s box – ribbons, prizes, score cards, etc.

  • Order ribbons for each section and show day

  • Manage sections leading up to, and on, show day

Schedule & Marketing Coordinator
  • Liaise with other coordinators to update the schedule – sponsorship/advertising, sections, trade sites

  • Update the schedule for the upcoming year

  • Proofread and check the schedule for any errors

  • Liaise with printer/designer

  • Manage social media sites and advertising

  • Manage and update website


The Cunnamulla & District Show Society executive committee would like to formally thank the local community, sponsors and members for continually supporting our annual show. Thank you to all the volunteers, without whom our show would not continue to succeed. As a new committee we truly appreciate the support we have been given and look forward to building and improving our show well into the future.

Yours sincerely,

The Cunnamulla & District Show Society Executive Committee

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