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  • Manage and liaise with the executive committee

  • Oversee all planning for the show

  • Provide assistance to executive committee where required

  • Manage food and bar for show day

  • Chair meetings

  • Public spokesperson  

  • Shadow the president

  • Bio-security officer

  • Provide assistance to executive committee where required.

  • Manage memberships​

  • Manage the show society’s bank account

    • Keep track of all ingoing and outgoing transactions

  • Manage the cheque book

  • Pay bills and fees

  • Send invoices

  • Prepare reports for meetings

  • Prepare financials for auditor

  • Organise and collect floats for events

  • Prepare and allocate prize money

Secretary - NEW ROLES
Entertainment Planner
  • Organise entertainment for show day and night

  • Work within a set budget

  • Liaise with performers to meet their requirements – eg. Accommodation, meals etc.

  • Work with grants & project manager to apply for funding to cover costs

Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator
  • Create sponsorship packages

  • Send out sponsorship packages to local and regional businesses

  • Make phone calls to potential sponsors

  • Liaise with Schedule Coordinator to engage advertising and sponsorship for schedule.

  • Organise fundraising events

Grants & Project Manager
  • Identify areas of improvement on the showgrounds

  • Create and manage improvement programs

  • Locate and apply for grants to fund improvement programs

  • Manage improvement programs

Trade Site Coordinator
  • Organise Trade Site forms and packages

  • Send out Trade Site forms and packages to potential trade site holders

  • Liaise with trade site holders on location and requirements

  • Create and manage trade site map for show day

  • Manage trade sites on show day

Sections Director
  • Liaise with Heads of Section about changes, improvements and requirements

  • Organise each section’s changes for the schedule and liaise with the Schedule Coordinator

  • Organise and maintain each section’s box – ribbons, prizes, score cards, etc.

  • Order ribbons for each section and show day

  • Manage sections leading up to, and on, show day

Schedule & Marketing Coordinator
  • Liaise with other coordinators to update the schedule – sponsorship/advertising, sections, trade sites

  • Update the schedule for the upcoming year

  • Proofread and check the schedule for any errors

  • Liaise with printer/designer

  • Manage social media sites and advertising

  • Manage and update website

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