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Conducted under the Rules and Regulations of the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies


Exhibitors are requested to read these conditions carefully.

1. Entries must be made on the forms supplied by the Association.

2. It is essential for the smooth running of the show that entries for all sections be lodged with entry fee, with the Secretary on or before the dates shown at the heading of the respective sections. SUCH LATE ENTRIES AS THE COMMITTEE MAY, AT THEIR DISCRETION ACCEPT, WILL BE PENALISED DOUBLE THE FULL ENTRY FEE.

3. Exhibits in all classes must be the bona-fide property of the exhibitor with exception of Section 1.

4. Entries must be accompanied by the entrance fee as specified in the schedule; otherwise they will not be accepted.

5. No person shall be allowed in the vicinity of the judge during judging, other then the stewards and attendants actually in charge of stock, and no person will be allowed to communicate with the judge other then a steward.

6. On the receipt of entries the Secretary will issue exhibit tickets, which must be the only sign of ownership attached to any exhibit, and such tickets must accompany exhibits. Exhibit tickets for livestock exhibits may be held by the stewards at their discretion and issued when exhibits are being penned.

7. No person shall act as judge, except in classes which he himself is not an exhibitor.

8. Judges may withhold prizes and championship honours if they think it expedient.

9. The decisions of the judges shall be final.

10. The committee reserves the right to withhold or modify any prize or prizes should there be three or less individual competitors in any class event.

11. Prize ribbons and tickets shall be affixed to exhibits as soon as the judges have made their awards.

12. Every care will be taken of exhibits, but the society will not be responsible for any loss or deaths, and exhibits must be brought to and removed from the ground by the exhibitor.

13. Exhibits must be delivered at the showgrounds and in the manner and at times specified at the heading of each section. Non-compliance with this provision will result in non-acceptance of the exhibits and forfeiture of entry fees.

14. Prize moneys will ordinarily be paid at the show, but prizes/trophies not awarded, prize moneys unclaimed, or prize cheques unpresented within six months of the show will revert to the society.

15. Judges and stewards may transfer any exhibit from any one class to another.

16. The right is reserved to reject any exhibit or exhibits which may be considered not of sufficient merit to be displayed.

17. Membership fees as follows: Family $40.00 Inc. 2 Adults, 2 Children, extra children $5 each. Couple $40.00, Single $20.00, Pensioner/Senior $10.00. Under school-aged children FREE (Under 5).

18. Special prizes donated, but not competed for, will not be refunded, but the donor shall have the option of allotting them as special prizes for the succeeding year.

19. The society reserves the right to adjudicate on any point or points which may be under dispute, and the society’s decision shall be final.

20. Not withstanding anything contained in the Rules and Conditions, the Committee may at their discretion alter any condition, cancel or substitute and/or alter any event or class in the Schedule if they consider it necessary to do so.

21. Competitors in ring events must have their horses in the assembly yard no later than 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the event. Any exhibitor not being present with his or her horse at the time of roll call which will take place five (5) minutes before the commencement of the event, will not be permitted to compete in such an event. After the roll call the Steward in charge of the assembly yard will advise the ringmaster of the number of competitors present and ready to compete in the event about to take place. For the start of an event, if a horse should break, a warning will be given, and if the same horse breaks again the entry will be scratched. No reduction in nomination fees will be allowed for more than 1 nomination in any one or more classes. Ponies competing in any pony events must be ridden or led by a child under 18 years of age, unless otherwise stated. The age of children competing will be taken as at the first day of the show.

22. Galloways or ponies entered in any class for which a prescribed height is a condition must be measured by the official measurer. Height of galloways being 14 and under 15 hands. The official measurer will attend the show grounds at 10am on the day of the show. When measuring a galloway or pony, an allowance of one quarter (1/4) inch is to be made for shoes.

23. Lessees of sites for the display of machinery and other goods, also the holders of caterers or amusement privileges will be granted a reasonable number of gate passes. A reasonable number of gate passes for livestock attendants will also be issued. All gates passes will be issued at the discretion of the committee, and must be collected from the secretary before 5.00pm on the day preceding the show.


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